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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Several Services Like YouTube and Gmail Crashed Due to Google Outage

There was a Google outage just the previous day, with multiple failures across its platforms being reported throughout the globe. Some of the services like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Calendar had abruptly crashed. The Google outage began at 11.50 am GMT- and majorly affected most of the services Google offered- excluding its search engine. Interestingly, the automated systems of the company were unable to pick up on any problem that might have been affecting the various platforms. Nonetheless, the company did set up an update mentioning that they were aware that there was a problem somewhere, and they were looking into it. 

Why Did Google Outage Take Place?

According to a spokesperson for the company, this outage was a result of an authentication failure throughout the system. This authentication system manages the logging in that is used by both Google and other developers. 

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The spokesperson further mentioned that the outage lasted for around 45 minutes- and was the result of an issue with the internal storage quota. Most of the services that asked users to log in went on to experience high rates of error in the same period. The problem was dealt with around 4:32 am PT. Google later updated that the services had already been restored, and they wanted to apologize to anyone who was personally affected by this issue. They would also do a follow-up in order to prevent a future Google outage. 

The main reason why this entire debacle took place was that Google’s internal tools were unable to allocate ample storage space that could handle the authenticating issues. The Google outage then took place when the system tried to work on a full drive. 

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