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Friday, March 5, 2021

Bernie Sanders And His Globally Hit Memes

The memes of Bernie Sanders seem to be all over the social media. The origin of it is a picture of him on the steps of the US Capitol building. It was taken on the day of the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. What seemed to be the most attractive feature of the picture was the expression that he gave. It was cranky and a little grumpy.

Bernie Sanders, in the picture, had maintained all precautions that are needed to avoid the spread of coronavirus. He was maintaining social distancing while he sat on a chair. And he had his mask on.  He had his limbs folded as he sat down. The politician chose to wear a jacket from Gore-Tex. Bernie Sanders also wore warm mittens with hippy print on it which was brown in color.

Bernie Sanders Memes For Everybody

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No sooner did the world stumble upon the picture, than it took no time to achieve further global popularity. The picture of Bernie Sanders was taken on a fine, normal Wednesday. However, what followed was not normal at all. The screens of photoshopping across the world got engaged in the creation of the memes that are seen everywhere now.

The Bernie Sanders meme is available to people of all cast, color, and creed, and factions beyond that. There is a Bernie meme in the Gangnam style, or in the Queen’s Gambit, participating in chess, there is a Bernie with Chewbacca, and one on the subway. The meme is for everybody irrespective of the choice of the political party, the status of socio-economic background, the orientation of sex, the status of immigration, or the form of religion.

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