Beyoncé Stands Up For Her Stylist Against A Rude Designer


The claims that Beyoncé’s stylist, Nusi Quero, was not compensated for his work on the Renaissance album cover have been comprehensively refuted by the singer and her crew.

An official statement was released on Thursday, refuting all of the “troubling” accusations made by the designer in his now-deleted Instagram pictures, including that he was never paid for his work on the “Break My Soul” singer’s high-fashion album photo sessions. Beyoncé’s representative stated in a statement, “It is highly worrisome that designer Nusi Quero has tweeted negative allegations about Marni Senofonte over non-payments for work performed.” All payments to him are documented as having been made.

Beyoncé Was Not Having It

Further information concerning the alleged timing of payments made by the team of the 28-time Grammy winner to Quero was revealed in the statement.

There were 3 payments made to him, and we have been in touch with his team. The first installment was sent out on May 9, 2022. On July 8, 2022, the second installment, representing 50% of the total price, was wired over. When he switched his account number, the third and final payment was rejected. Inadequate account information caused it to be rejected.

In the end, a physical check was sent to him on September 29, 2022, after “persistent and laborious correspondence to acquire the right information on his account and two failed wire transfer efforts,” the statement said, as reported by ET. The accusations made by Quero are the most recent to surface in connection with Beyoncé’s Renaissance album cycle. Recently, pop duo Right Said Fred claimed that Bey sampled their 1992 single “I am Too Sexy” without permission for the song “Alien Superstar” from her album Lemonade, which was released in July.