Biden Hails Economic Achievements In His State Of The Union Speech: Stimulus Checks Continue To Draw Attention Across America

Stimulus Checks

American President Joe Biden on Tuesday in his State Of The Union Speech said that the American economy continues to be better positioned to grow than any other nation. He said that this was true despite the disruption that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Europe that followed.

In his second State of the Union speech after he assumed the top job in January 2021, the president stressed that while the pandemic was responsible for disrupting the supply chains, the war in Europe has disrupted both food and energy supplies thanks to sanctions against Russia. But despite the economic drawbacks that started with the disruptions caused by the pandemic, he claimed that the US is better positioned than any other country in the world at the moment.

Stimulus check
stimulus check

President Biden claimed that American democracy was in a better position than it was when he took over from Trump after a chaotic election when the previous president refused to relinquish his seat and believed that he was the winner all along. Joe Biden used the biggest annual platform of his office with no far-reaching or new ideas in a speech that was filled with prayers of appeals and urging from over 4 decades of his political life.

President Showcases Speech As A Story Of Progress And Resilience

President Biden waded rapidly through his written speech, occasionally pausing to spar with his opponent in the Republican Camp. He formed the bridge for a possible reelection run in 2024. He demonstrated to supporters that he still has what it requires to lead the country for another four years.

Even as polls show that Democratic Party supporters want a younger generation leader to take over in 2024, Biden remains determined to have another go in 2024 after consulting with his family. Excerpts released ahead of the White House speech showed that Biden addressed the story of the US as a story of resilience and progress.

Stimulus Checks And Other Measures Helped The Us Emerge Stronger Than Before The Pandemic

President Joe Biden stressed that America was the only country that had succeeded in emerging much stronger than it was when it first confronted the crisis. He pointed out that America was reeling from the effect of the pandemic even as the nation went into a prolonged and certain lockdown.

But the federal government stepped in with successive rounds of stimulus checks. The payments and other indirect support to businesses and other organizations led to the creation of a  record 12 M new jobs. It led to many more jobs created in the last 2 years than any created in the past.

Biden stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic had led to the economy crashing. Businesses shut down overnight, schools no longer function, and people were robbed of any means of livelihood.

America was on the verge of its greatest threat since the second world war. Biden said that though bruised in flesh, the nation was more spirited than ever. The pandemic shut down businesses, and schools, and robbed the lives of hundreds of thousands within a year. But the stimulus check support and other measures ensured that American Democracy stays unbroken and unbowed.

President Biden was delivering his first major speech before Congress that was for the first time divided since he assumed the top job in the US. the control over the House of Representatives has passed into the hands of the Republicans. The Senate, though, has remained in the hands of the Democrats and they even managed to increase their tally by a seat.

President Biden Urges Republicans To Work For The Government

President Biden urged the opposition GOP to support him on clear issues and develop a consensus on key issues, including the stimulus check. He exhorted his GOP colleagues to work together and if it had been possible in the last Congress, he said that there was no reason why the cooperation could not be replicated this time. He had a clear message for the Republicans. He said that there was no need to fight for the sake of fighting. That would get us nowhere, he said.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

President Biden spoke about restoring the nation’s soul and rebuilding America’s backbone once again. He was referring to the American middle class and the need to unite the country. He said that they were all there to finish the job.

He said that detractors who had said that the Democrats and the Republicans could not work together have been proved wrong time and again.

Biden Sends Out An Early Gesture Of Bipartisanship

In a generous and early gesture of bipartisanship, President Biden started his speech by congratulating Kevin McCarthy, the newly elected House Majority Speaker. He also mentions Hakeem Jeffries, the House Minority Leader and the first Black party leader in the lower chamber.

President Biden’s leadership had been instrumental in fighting the pandemic in America. His plan, the American Rescue Plan Act, was signed immediately after he came to power. This piece of legislation enabled people some breathing space and they could even afford to save some money from the third round of the stimulus check which was part of the Rescue Plan.

The Rescue Plan also helped them out with the expanded Child Tax credit stimulus check that sent out between $3.000 and $3,600 per child to families with children. Finally, the amount allocated to states, local and tribal bodies helped the states send out inflation relief stimulus checks to residents even as inflation touched record levels. President Biden has hailed the bipartisan law of 2021 that sent out around $1.2 trillion to Americans that helped in revitalizing the nation’s infrastructure.

President Biden has from the beginning stressed the need to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure. He said that the bipartisan law on infrastructure, and was the largest ever aid sent out by an American government.

The president has also shared his views on investing in people and places that have been largely neglected to date. He said that the administration was concentrating on securing economic progress that ensures that no one is left behind. He said that there was a blueprint to rebuild America and bring it back to its past glory.