Billie Eilish Celebrates Anniversary Of ‘Happier Than Ever’

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish recently took to Instagram last Saturday to talk about the anniversary of her Happier Than Ever album with her fans.

Speaking from her car, the Grammy-winning singer went on to thank her fans- people who made her Happier Than Ever album a huge success. This was her sophomore album which was released just a year ago. In a video that was posted earlier on her Instagram live, Eilish spoke about her love for her fans and how grateful she was to them for everything they had done to make her album a success.

She also spoke about the feeling of gratitude towards her brother with whom she worked on this album. And finally, she spoke about making the album- the process it took and the memories it create for her forever. She had a good time, and the end result was quite cathartic for her. 

Billie Eilish Thanks Her Fans For Happier Than Ever On Instagram Live

Billie Eilish also spoke about the songs from this album- which included Male Fantasy and I Didn’t Change My Number. She then went on to mention her gratitude for the life she had been living all this while- along with the experiences that came along with it- the good and the bad- and the destination it took her to. The artist- who made her debut with Ocean Eyes on Soundcloud- finally ended her video with a shout-out to her brother and producer Finneas. 

Last year, Billie Eilish had told ELLE that she had a lot of love for Happier Than Ever, which was then nominated for around seven Grammys. Just this month, the singer went on to release a couple pf other songs- titled TV and The 30th.