Billie Eilish Says Horse Riding Helps In Managing Stress Factors In Life

billie eilish
billie eilish

After Billie Eilish’s recent photos came to light, where she was seen to be horse riding, the famous musician says that that activity helps the singer to manage her stress levels in her life. Friday in Los Angeles, Billie was seen riding a brown horse.

In the snaps revealed by media outlet, page six, the singer of Bad Guy was captured riding a horse. Billie Eilish appeared looking stunning in a long-sleeve sweater, helmet and gloves and wearing her riding boots.

Billie was seemingly at ease while her horse was whispering with the breeze in the valley for almost an hour. From what we know today, the superstar was spending time with her trainer before going to the field.

Billie Eilish in an interview with the Rolling Stone back in July of 2019 said that horseback riding is more for her mental health than a hobby for her.

Billie Eilish Says Horseback Riding Helps Her To Relieve Her Stress:

Maggie Baird the mother of the superstar, in that interview shared that her daughter who has already won a grammy and still is in her twenties always loved the horses.

However, horseback riding is already an expensive hobby so she worked around the stable while growing up to compensate for her lessons. Billie Eilish said that she made a few friends at the stable, however, nobody back then were very nice to her at that time.

Whether Billie Eilish currently uses horseriding as a coping mechanism is unknown, however the “Ocean Eyes” artist has previously been open about her problems with mental illness.

When a unfortunate accident of severe injury to the hip forced Billie to stop dancing around age thirteen, she admitted to having depression. This revelation was made in July 2019 once Billie Eilish was 17 years old.