Billy Ray Cyrus And His New Girlfriend Firerose May Have Got Engaged

Billy Ray Cyrus

The shiny diamond on Firerose’s finger fuelled speculation that Billy Ray Cyrus and she may be engaged.

Finally, Billy Ray Cyrus And Tish Cyrus Have Decided To Get A Divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus and the Australian singer Firerose took to social media to post their pictures in which she is seen flashing her glittering ring.

Their well-wishers instantly congratulated them and wished them well.

Both Billy and Firerose have sung a song called New Day together. Not much is known about their relationship otherwise.

Billy 61 and Tish 54 have been married for 29 years. They have five brilliant children together. This is the third time a divorce has been filed. They have both been living apart since February 2020 stated Tish. The reason that was cited was that both were no longer compatible.

In 2010 Billy Ray Cyrus filed for a divorce because he felt that Tish and Brett Michaels were serious about each other. But after some weeks he withdrew the appeal.

After three years Tish too had applied for a divorce but within 10 days they were back together again. Four years later the court declared it defunct due to inactivity.

In a public statement, they said that they would cherish those 30 years of their lives forever. They had made some wonderful memories with their five awesome children which nothing in the world could ever erase. Billy and Tish would now like to live their own separate lives and explore their inner selves. They do not want to part on a teary note but as mature grown-up individuals.

The family bonding that they shared will always be a priority to them both. After a lot of deliberation, both Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish have come to this decision.