The Internet Ignites A Battle To Get Bird Molly And Her Dog BF Back Together After Their Split

Bird Molly

Bird Molly, a cherished pet magpie and internet phenomenon, gained notoriety during the 2020 lockdown and is currently the subject of a dispute.

When the bird was just a chick in 2020, during the lockdown, Australian photographer Juliette Wells and her husband Reece Mortensen took her under their wing. The couple’s dog, Peggy, proved to be a devoted friend of Molly, who captured the hearts of the internet. But recent occurrences have caused this odd couple to unexpectedly part ways. Not just an ordinary bird Molly is an Instagram sensation with over 732K followers who are all captivated by her special relationship with Peggy. Pictures and videos of Peggy and Molly playing together, lounging about Juliette’s house, or just enjoying the sun had fans swooning.

Over 75K People Globally United To Bring Peggy And Bird Molly Together

Since the bird was removed by the Queensland Department of Environment, Science, and Innovation (DESI) personnel, Peggy and Molly have not been together. Reece and Juliette stated they were forced to give up their cherished bird. The audience was tremendously upset to learn that Bird Molly and Peggy had split up. Over 75,000 people have signed an internet petition calling for their reunion to date. The petition’s title was “Reunite Peggy and Molly: Don’t Break Their 4-Year Bond.”

“Peggy and Molly, a stunning Staffy & Magpie who spent four years raising each other on the Gold Coast, have an enduring relationship. This relationship is not only vital to their wellbeing but also very emotional,” the petition stated.

“We must put the welfare of these helpless creatures that depend on us for care first, even while we acknowledge that circumstances change.