This Dog Is Happier Than Ever After Being Given A Second Chance At Life


Orlando is a Spanish rescue dog discovered to be underweight on the harsh streets of Spain. This is the story of Orlando, a Spanish Mastin, who was a homeless dog in the UK before becoming a happy companion. Envision a world ravaged by terror and hunger. That was Orlando’s reality, and sadly, hundreds of animals in Spain live just like that. Orlando, starving and abandoned, was only half the person he could be. Even though rescue canines in Spain might seem far away, we can still help here in the UK. 

Spanish Dogs, If Not Rescued Suffer Terrible Fate

People search social media for the owner of a dog that has been seen wandering about this place. These poor creatures have been known to be shot, left injured, beaten, and poisoned in Spain. Orlando sadly needed care and affection, but fortunately, Sonia and Carmen from the shelter could step in and take him in.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of animals are left behind each year in Spain due to the lack of welfare legislation protecting hunting canines, which results in the abandonment and cruel slaughter of some dogs when the hunting season ends. While some would conclude that a “hunting” dog isn’t a good pet, beagles are both beloved pets and hunting canines. It is crucial to emphasize that a great number of people in Spain put up a great deal of effort to assist the animals in their country. Additionally, Spain has amended its legislation regarding animal care, which is undoubtedly a positive move.