Bitcoin Bulls Aiming At $25K Price On Friday’s $510M Options Expiry


Bitcoin is approaching $24,000, and the price of BTC has been rising. This week’s contract expiry might result in a $200 million gain for bulls.

The last time Bitcoin (BTC) closed above $24,000 was 51 days ago, which makes even the strongest bullish trader wonder whether a sustained rebound is possible. Bulls, though, get the dominant position on Friday’s $510 million BTC contract expiry despite the disappointing price movement.

Investors have been lowering their risk exposure as the Federal Reserve increases interest rates and unfolds its historic $8.9 trillion balance sheet. As a result, the Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM), which tracks movements in the prices of lean pigs, maize, gold, natural gas, and crude oil, has decreased by 9% over the same time frame.

As Mary Daly, the president of the San Francisco Fed stated on August 2 that the central bank’s war over inflation is “far from done,” traders have continued to look for safety in cash and U.S. Treasury positions. However, the effects of tighter monetary policy on inflation, employment, and the global economy have not yet been determined.

Bitcoin Bulls Are Now Charging According TO Friday’s Market: 

The four more likely outcomes are listed below based on the Bitcoin price movement right now. Depending on the expiry price, there are different numbers of options contracts for call (bull) and put (bear) instruments available on August 5. The potential profit is the difference that favors either side:

  • There were 100 calls and 3,700 puts between $20,000 and $22,000. In the end, the bears win by $75 million.
  • In the $22,000–24,000 range, there were 1,400 calls and 1,600 puts. Overall, the ratio of call (buy) to put (sell) instruments is balanced.
  • Three thousand eight hundred calls vs 100 puts between $24,000 and $25,000 Bulls win out in the end by $90 million.
  • There were 7,900 puts and 0 calls between $25,000 and $26,000. Gains for the bulls reach $200 million.