Arkham Denies That The 7% Drop In The Price Of Bitcoin Was Caused By Faulty Mt. Gox Notifications


Bitcoin fell 7% within an hour during a flash crash, according to blockchain analytics company Arkham Intelligence, which has since denied involvement.

On April 26, the Bitcoin BTC prices ticked down around $29,218 and fell by about 7% in a single hour. According to media reports, this was because blockchain analytics company Arkham Intelligence erroneously sent out a warning that wallets connected to the government of the United States and Mt. Gox had started moving large amounts of Bitcoin.

Initially, Arkham posted a tweet confirming that the alleged error had been caused by a “bug fix” that had caused a fake alert to be sent out on their statistical data surface to a couple of consumers. The well-known news about crypto alert service DB or Tier 10k later tweeted about the notice.

More Details Regarding The Chaotic Arkham Case And The Bitcoin Price Drop

Nevertheless, an hour later, it tweeted that an inquiry into the situation had been conducted that found the alerts Arkham sent were accurate.

According to Arkham, the steep decline in the price of Bitcoin today could not have been triggered by either the alert or the accompanying tweet. He emphasized that the decline took place between around 7 o’clock- 8 o’clock UTC, while subsequent tweets along with the alerts were delivered at 20:08 and 20:09 UTC.

Additionally, no transfers have been made from wallets linked to Mt. Gox, according to information shared on Twitter by IT Tech, raising the possibility that Bitcoin’s flash crash may have happened for unknown reasons.

Whatever the reason for the rapid crash, the fast and sharp drop in prices created a lot of chaos in the market for derivatives, with the current total of the liquidations for participants in the crypto market surpassing $211 million. These liquidations totaled almost $97 million, all from Bitcoin traders.