Bam Margera, A Meth Addict Allegedly Fled The Country With A Girlfriend And Her Young Child

Bam Margera

According to his sibling, Jess Margera, the renowned American musician, who made the explosive claims via a string of tweets, Bam Margera is purportedly having a “meltdown” because of a meth addiction.

While the singer, 44, claimed that the MTV alum’s meth addiction had made him nearly unrecognizable. The singer further added that his brother, Bam Margera, is perhaps the sweetest person when sober but is capable of anything when under the influence of drugs. However, he is trying to keep his thoughts positive despite the situation. In one of the tweets, he also stated that he had seen his brother screaming at someone who was not even there while hallucinating.

Bam Margera’s Brother Expresses His Worry Through A Series Of Tweets

The brother seemed worried and said that it was scary as well as heartbreaking. While indicating that he has been unable to reach Bam, Jess asked his followers in the same thread on Twitter whether the police had it in their capacity to trace a person’s phone.

The “Jackass” actor was allegedly on the run with his recent partner and her child who is aged around eight, but the man later stated in a different tweet that he was frightened about the child. Jess responded that he could not even think about the situation in their car at the moment.

Bam Margera‘s mental health was the subject of more allegations from Jess, who tweeted that the “Jackass Forever” star has supposedly been yelling at his silhouette as a result of his drug problems after another follower recommended the drummer of CKY to sort things out with Bam Mergera. As the singer was preparing coffee, Bam allegedly suddenly attacked him and yelled about “murdering” their father.