‘Vulnerable’ ‘Nearly A Decade Of Abstinence’ Later, Cheyenne Jackson Relapses

Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson courageously acknowledged that he suffered a relapse post around ten years of sobriety. He posted a long Instagram photo on Monday saying that being vulnerable was what he had been feeling that day along with a picture of himself driving. He further stated that after over ten years of abstinence, he relapsed. He also said that he had endured a great deal of embarrassment in divulging such intimate information online but felt it was necessary.

The “American Horror Story” star, Cheyenne Jackson claimed that he has been bottling up his problems because he didn’t want people to be disappointed in him.

Cheyenne Jackson Opens Up On Being Open And Vulnerable 

He added that he lost focus and deviated from doing what was required of him to remain on the road to integrity. The “30 Rock” star named several potential reasons why his relapse occurred, including the untimely passing of his co-star from “Call Me Kat” Leslie Jordan, the one who passed away from abrupt heart failure last October. His post also came as a reminder that one was not alone in their struggles and that there was always help along with a way out. Several celebrities have come forward to support Cheyenne Jackson after his post.

People are just as terrible as the secrets we hold, writes the 64-year-old “Halloween Ends” actor. The reality is that those in recovery only have today to be sober. The future is uncertain, and the past is inconsequential, stated Cheyenne Jackson.

Jason Landau, Cheyenne Jackson’s husband, added a comment and stated that he fell for him because of his power, truth, and willingness. Jackson shared a video on Wednesday in which he thanked all those who approached him the previous day and expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support.