Lightning-Fast Bitcoin Fundraising: El Salvador School Project Receives 1 BTC In Contributions


Through BTC Beach matching donations, My First Bitcoin curriculum receives donations of 1 BTC, spurring its growth. Supporters of BTC education have given over 1 bitcoin to Mi Primer Bitcoin. Hundreds of people worldwide submitted Satoshi (the BTC’s smallest form of currency) across the Lightning Network to support the growth of the Diploma initiative of My First Bitcoin’s BTC, poured in from nations including Venezuela, Canada, and Poland.

According to John Dennehy, the founder, the ultimate goal of Bitcoin lies to empower people by rendering it simple to donate value. By allowing anybody to join, bTC fundraising levels up the playing floor. One of the fastest methods to pay money online, BTC is censorship-resistant and self-sovereign, not like PayPal as well as GoFundMe. It is also much less expensive. Its layer-2 Lightning Network, which is less expensive than traditional payment methods, is used to send money. Dennehy stated Fundraising with BTC enables users to manage their own finances.

The activities of BTC Beach, a BTC community at El Zonte on El Salvador’s Pacific coast, helped the crowdsourcing drive. El Salvador’s 2021 ratification of BTC as legal money was sparked by BTC Beach. As of 27 April, BTC Beach announced it would double all contributions made to the initiative.

My First Bitcoin Uses Platform Geyser

However, the fundraising effort had gotten off to a lightning-fast start in terms of donating. My First Bitcoin utilized the BTC fundraising website Geyser, which was founded by MetaMick, to conduct its fundraising campaign.

He told Cointelegraph that this was definitely the most significant instructional effort in Geyser history! Insane traction in a single day! He continued the next day, it had become the third-biggest crowdfunding on Geyser ever. The community of BTC users is still growing and spreading knowledge although BTC’s price steadily falling and knocking out traders. Dennehy told The BTC community motivates us to keep working.