Bitcoin Is Going To Hit A Margin Of $400K Even Though Crypto Sentiments Might Fall


Several experts have already doubled down on the price target of Bitcoin, even though Santiment has reported that the cryptocurrency sentiment has fallen down. According to this analytics company, the sentiment in the crypto market has gone down beneath levels that were set up in 2021.

As far as reports go, the relative sentiment took a hit for the worse when there was a drop in Bitcoin’s prices below the range of $60,000 to the price it has currently- $56,300- with Ethereum dipping below $2,000 for the current week. Currently, Ether trades at a price of $1,986. 

Several other platforms for analytics have already displayed a much less convincing shift. Augmento, one of the predictive data platforms saw the sentiment move from ‘bullish’ to ‘slightly bearish’. The Greed Index, along with the Alternative Crypto Fear have shown minimal changes- with the counter sitting idle at ‘greed’.

The sell-off from yesterday saw the entire market of cryptocurrency drop beneath the level of $1.8 trillion- although they settled at $1.9 trillion. This change hasn’t bothered most of the analysts just yet. Mati Greenspan, the founder of Quantum Economics stated in a newsletter on the 8th of April that the dip took place on a volume that was relatively low. 

History suggests Bitcoin Is Only Getting Started

In a report published by Mike McGlone on the 5th of April, BTC has been predicted to approach a sum of $400,000 based on the previous bull runs of the cryptocurrency.

 Although most analysts have no idea as to when the cryptocurrency would be hitting its peak- the next quarter for Bitcoin has been rumored to breach the resistance of $60,000 while moving towards the sum of $80,000.