Bitcoin Market Cap Flipping The Tech Giants Widening The Gaps On VISA

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Bitcoin is climbing up again with their market cap gaining the eleventh rank in the list of valuable assets by their market cap. It now sits just behind Tesla the electric vehicle maker company. Despite a bad attack for crypto followed by the downfall of the Signature bank and the Silicon Valley Bank, the market cap of Bitcoin grows more than meta.

While writing this article, the information from Companies Market Cap shows that the Bitcoin market cap has went up to 471.86bn USD. The data provided by companies market cap is reliable as it monitors the real-time information and ranking of market caps for crypto. Many precious metals, public companies are in this list.

Just a day before, the Bitcoin market cap was trailing behind Meta, the tech giants by 37bn USDs. However, they turned the tables overnight and has also flipped the market cap of VISA for the third time and has put it ahead of other payment companies.

Bitcoin Market Cap Flips The Market Cap List:

The gap now between these two market caps has now exceeded 20bn dollars even though it still maintain a distance from gold that still maintains the top spot with a staggering 12.59trillion dollars of market cap. Apple holding the second position in the list is now holding 2.380 trillion dollars of Market cap.

On 20th February, Cointelegraph reported that Bitcoin is flipping the market cap of VISA keeping them ahead of the other companies, and now the prices of Bitcoin has rose up to 8.72% in the last few hours sitting at 24.4K USDs. This can be a good sign for crypto investors who were tensed to invest in BTC anymore after the constant slump the stablecoin was in a few months ago.