Tessa Thompson Talks About Her Never Having A Hamburger In Her Life

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson has never had a hamburger in her life. The Creed III star recently revealed this information on an interview. She said that she does not like how versatile eggs are. Hamburger can be your favorite food but as per the actress, she is yet to try one. The star made this confession when she was tapped at the Oscar party on last weekend.

A reporter asked Tessa Thomson at the party that if she is a vegetarian and Thompson said that she was not. She said that she never liked a hamburger. Tessa said that she has tried a lot of different food but she is yet to try the hamburger. However, if you are interested in food habits of the star actress, she has also revealed that she has tried eggs recently for the first time, but she did not liked how versatile the food is.

Tessa Thompson Does Not Like Eggs:

The reporter said that there are various ways to include an egg in your food. Replying to that, Tessa Thompson said that she did not like that function, and she would like eggs to pick a style of foods. However, apparently she loves the potato.

Thomson was talking about her food habits while the release of Creed III is almost there. Here she is going to play the wife of the protagonist, Adonis Creed. In her interview that she and the director come the hero of her upcoming film Creed III went to take couple’s therapy to prepare for their roles in the movie.

She said the line between a fictional character and the actor playing the character sometimes get too thin as the actors bring a lot more of their personal lives inside the characters.