Bitcoin Ordinals Release Rectifying Upgrade For Issue Regarding ‘Cursed Inscriptions’

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The developers who created the protocol called Bitcoin Ordinals have released their latest upgrade. The upgrade has the objective of curing more than 71,000 “cursed” or invalid inscriptions. After they are cured, they can then be traded.

Will This Solve The Issue For Bitcoin Ordinals?

The term “cursed inscriptions” refers to the inscriptions which came into being through intentional misuse or incorrect use of opcodes while creating inscriptions. This resulted in them being unrecognized or invalid.

On June 4th, Bitcoin Ordinals developers, which included Raphjaph, the Twitter user, announced the upgrade of the Ordinals protocol. The latest version is 0.6.0. This is the first version that will attempt to index these inscriptions that have previously gone unrecognized.

Casey Rodarmor, another creator behind Bitcoin Ordinals, was the first to propose a fix for this use near the end of April. In his words, they should try to recognize such cursed inscriptions. Then, they should convert those into “blessed” ones.

The Bitcoin Ordinals upgrade also brought in support regarding a particular subset belonging to the various cursed inscription types. In order to do so, it sets a height for block activation. At that point, particular kinds of inscriptions that were previously invalid would begin to get indexed in the form of positive normal inscriptions.

LeonidasNFT, an influencer related to Ordinals, said that the converted inscriptions would then get be listed alongside the indexed tradable Ordinals. He further added that this will be significant since this will support more than 70k inscriptions that exist but are invalid. He further clarified that all the users who possess cursed inscriptions should see a shift in their negative numbers of these inscriptions. Bitcoin Ordinals are asset artifacts that are nonfungible and which allow data to be inscribed onto a satoshi, a Bitcoin’s smallest division.