Bitcoin Price Set At $146,000 As Long-Term Aim By JP Morgan Chase


JPMorgan Chase & Company has reported that Bitcoin price might have some possibility for a considerable amount of gain in the long-term while they compete against gold for the investment flows.

The market capitalization of BTC is roughly $575 billion which should have surged 4.6 times. In case this would have happened, the Bitcoin price theoretically would have reached $146,000. This is projected by the strategists of Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou. They suggested that this would’ve matched the entire gold investment in the private sector that goes through the exchange-traded assets, coins, or bars.

Volatilities Of Bitcoin Price

The strategists have further stated that the crowding out of the gold as a substitute currency indicates a big advantage for BTC in the long-term. Nonetheless, the convergence of volatilities between gold and BTC has fewer possibilities of taking place quickly. This also indicates that the above $146,000 target for Bitcoin price is a long-term target which is also a sustainable objective for the present year.

On Monday, BTC experienced their biggest decline since the month of March. Bitcoin price dropped almost 17% after they broke through $34K the first time this weekend.

Some investors have either begun allocating funds towards BTC or claimed on starting it. Some have argued that cryptocurrency provides a hedge to the weakness of the dollar and inflation possibility.

Presently, JPMorgan observes breezes for the biggest cryptocurrency along with indicators that seem like a logjam to theoretical long positions as well as a surge in investment wallets that hold minor amounts of BTC with potential.

The strategists have also stated that that valuation, as well as position backdrop, has come to acquire a challenging role for BTC at the very beginning of 2021. The possibility of a further push to Bitcoin price cannot be excluded.