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The Bachelor Star Carry Waddell Spills Out Details Of Her Divorce

One of the stars from The Bachelor spoke out about her personal life. Carly Waddell, the 35-year-old alum of the show, took to the social media platform, YouTube to clear some air about her divorce. She was married to Evan Bass for three years. Carry did this on Sunday.

The Bachelor star shot her YouTube video in her new home. She had purchased it in the month of October. Carly was in a room while she talked about her divorce. She said that she referred to the room as her divorce. That was because, according to her, that was the room where her husband broke out the news of divorcing her.

The Bachelor Alum’s Side Of The Story

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The Bachelor alum is the mother of two children. Even Bass is the father of the children. Together they have a 2-year-old daughter Bella, and a 1-year-old son, Charlie. Carly Waddell made it known that she and her husband were in therapy for several years before the divorce took place. It was on the day after Thanksgiving that they finally separated.

The 35-year-old divorcee also mentioned in the video of hers that they tried to do everything to make the marriage work. Both of them, according to her, had their kids in their minds as their primary responsibility. She claimed that they had ignored to think about themselves and their happiness. It was always their two children whom they had prioritized over themselves. Carly said that this was their biggest mistake.

The Bachelor’s personality also spoke out about her personal feelings with regard to the divorce. She said that the last two years that she spent with her husband, Evan, had been the hardest for her. She revealed that it was he who wanted to move out and not her. Carly also said that she had no other option other than divorcing him because he did not want to be with her.

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