Bitcoin Protocol Is Being Taught In One Of The Largest Colleges In The USA

Bitcoin Protocol

The adoption of Bitcoin protocol and cryptocurrency has been skyrocketing in the educational institutes of the country.

Recently, Texas A&M became the latest college in the country that has been offering a Bitcoin course to the students in the University. This news was announced on the 13th of January by the Associate Professor of Mays Business School, Korok Ray, who will also be teaching the subject to students in the College of Engineering and Mays Business School in the Spring semester- which began on the 17th of January. The Professor also mentioned in the 4-part thread on Twitter that the course will be called Programming Bitcoin and will follow the subject, where students would be learning how to create a Bitcoin library straight from scratch.

Bitcoin Protocol Is Being Taught At Texas A&M 

The assistant professor also stated that it was no easy feat to get the necessary approval from the relevant curriculum committee body of the school, which was a result of several months’ worth of hard work. Interestingly, a distinct lack of high-quality crypto education is also being seen as a major roadblock in taking crypto adoption to the next level.

This has been stated by crypto researcher Josh Cowell- who also suggested that this would improve the financial literacy of the student who manages to do it properly. Although Cryptograph reached out to the assistant professor for the number of students who had signed up for the Bitcoin Protocol class, they didn’t receive an immediate response. 

Related subjects to Bitcoin protocol are being taught at other US Colleges as well. Adjunct Professor Thomas Hook of the Boston University Law School- who also serves as the chief compliance officer at crypto exchange Bitstamp- stated that the law school had been offering a Crypto Regulation course for students who seem to be interested in the field.