Bitcoin White Paper Was Subtly Removed By Apple


Apple, the largest tech company in the world, recently removed the white paper of Bitcoin from the latest beta version of its OS upgrade.

On the 25th of April, a news site focused on the tech company reported that the firm had removed a scanner app called Virtual Scanner II in the latest MacOS Ventura 13.4 beta- which also removed the white paper. As reported by Cointelegraph, a blog post on the 5th of April from Andy Baio, a technologist, went on to reveal that a softcopy of the Bitcoin white paper had been shipped with every copy of MacOS over the last five years. This document could be found in every single Virtual Scanner II on MacOS. Although nobody knew why it was placed there, it was usually suspected to be a joke among the engineers of the company. 

Bitcoin White Paper Removed by Apple After 5 Years

Apple Insider reported that there were other conspiracy theories regarding the presence of Bitcoin white paper- with one claiming Steve Jobs to be Satoshi Nakamoto- the founder of Bitcoin. As it turns out, the tech company didn’t see the humor in the situation and has now removed this document from the latest version of the operating system. For those wondering, the white paper was in a folder with the Image Capture app- and other random files such as images and PDFs. According to the news site, this did confirm the original theory that both the white paper and the internal tool were not to be discovered by regular users. 

In yet another related development, a court in California went on to rule that Apple had violated the competition laws of the state by preventing its developers from using alternative in-app payment methods. It does look like the Bitcoin white paper could be the least of their problems.