Bitdeer Found A New Base


In Bhutan, Bitdeer partnered up with Druk Holding Investment, Bhutan’s sovereign arm. They are planning on opening up mining fields for eco-friendly digital assets. This would likely be carbon-free which won’t be affecting the environment at all. The operation is likely to take place in Bhutan as well.

The CEO of DHI has high expectations from this partnership. This likely changes the economic conditions of the country. Their Target is to solidify the economic base inside the country. Bhutan usually depends economically on India, Nepal, and Thailand.

Bitdeer Would Start Their Hint Along With Their Partner In May

The joint mining operations need funds. They need good investors from around the world. Bitdeer and DHI set their value at approximately $500 million.

They are starting their fundraising event in May. The event may attract billion of investors from around the world.

It’s likely to take place at the end of May.

Both of them have high hopes for this working out.

The chairman of Bitdeer is excited to work with DHI. Their main goal is to support blockchain energies.

They will bring a changeable foundation. 

He further added that the fund will eventually provide an international platform for stakeholders. Which is going to change Bhutan’s tech sector.

DHI CEO expressed his gratitude for working with Bitdeer. 

This will likely improve Bhutan’s economic conditions.

It’s been ages since they totally depend on foreign countries.

If this succeeds the Bhutanese people will have something of their own.