In A Torturous “VPR” Teaser, Raquel Leviss Urges Ariana Madix To “Want To Have Sex” With Tom Sandoval

Ariana Madix Raquel Leviss
Ariana Madix

When Madix told the Vanderpump Rules cameras the closeness with Sandoval had turned into sex with “a stranger,” she was unaware that he had crossed the line and started a months-long romance with Raquel Leviss. Before her relationship with Tom was made public, Raquel Leviss commented on Ariana and Tom’s sexual activities.

In the preview for the Vanderpump Rules episode on Wednesday, Raquel Leviss offered her opinion on how frequently the couple ought to engage in sexual activity after Tom, 40, told Ariana, that he desired to have more of it. He stated that he wanted them to do better and be more close.

Raquel Leviss Expresses Concern Over Friend Ariana’s Relationship While Covertly Being In An Affair With Her Boyfriend 

Ariana, though, disagreed. She told Sandoval that it was difficult for her to have intercourse with a person who seemed to be a stranger. Then Raquel Leviss, 28, joined the conversation and said to Ariana that she thought that people should desire to be more intimate when in a relationship.

Ariana responded by stating her position and the recent treatment she had received from Sandoval. She said that after working the whole day when one returns home, she cannot just jump into bed and have sex. She thought it was more important for them to have some time together than to have sex all the time. In another part of the teaser, Tom revealed his relationship with Ariana to his close friend and colleague Tom Schwartz.

Sandoval subsequently said that he felt like sometimes his mere presence annoyed his girlfriend and that he wanted to go someplace nice with her. In the final teaser film, Raquel told 36-year-old Katie Maloney that she had started the divorce proceedings with Schwartz and that it was none of her concern whether or not they had “made out.”