‘Cancer’ Is Perhaps Hilarious To Ariana Madix’s Ex

ariana madix

Tom Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix is no more secret. Seems like he has lost his basic decency now. He perhaps tried to play cool and act how smart he is. He made a joke about one of the deadliest diseases Cancer.

Madix’s best friend Jared Lipscomb was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019. It was a wrong choice of word indeed from Sandoval. Later he didn’t bother to apologize to Jared.

He immediately blocked him. Afterward, Jared shared an Instagram video calling out Tom Sandoval as being an absolutely ungrateful cruel person.

He crossed the boundaries without even realizing it. He did text  Jared Lipscomb a note saying he didn’t mean to. However, the apologetic tone was missing.

Ariana Madix Was Just Another Victim Of Tom Sandoval’s Cruelty

Ariana Madix had to break their nine years long relationship. Tom Sandoval was caught cheating with Raquel Leviss.

Two weeks ago Tom appeared on Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast. Where he was given the line ‘ What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ‘.

He related cancer’s radiation to this. It was a bad joke he immediately realized it. Tried to rectify it even the people present there tried to fix it. All the efforts went in vain.

Ariana Madix’s best friend was furious after knowing that. Tom Sandoval tried to make the situation better instead he made it worse. He sent a text to Jared Lipscomb saying he didn’t mean to cancer. Immediately after he jumped to defend himself. He further wrote how he has been supportive of him. He was there regardless of anything. Perhaps tried to make himself look better.

He cheated on Ariana Madix and later tried to fix it just by saying sorry. He did post an apology note on Instagram where he received only hatred.

Ariana Madix has moved on with her life. She has spent quality time with her girlfriends in England. She has been to Coachella last week. However, her best friend is traumatized by the act of her ex.