Lisa Whelchel’s Bittersweet Moment

lisa whelchel

Being a junior artist always comes with a price. Lisa Whelchel grew up literally in front of the camera. She recalls those times when she was part of The Facts Of Life.

The beginning of her career is related to a bittersweet moment in her life. She has learned and evolved. Those experiences shaped her into what she is today. She couldn’t thank fully yet she is grateful.

It was unlike the current generation. She is grateful that social media didn’t exist at that time.

Otherwise, it would have been harder to face herself in the mirror.

Lisa Whelchel Hit Puberty In Front Of The Camera, Not A Nice Experience

Blair Warner was indeed a challenging role to play. Lisa Whelchel couldn’t be more grateful to those casting teams for casting her.

However, fame does come with a price. It costs you mental peace and privacy. The same thing happened to her.

She hit puberty in front of the camera. The world witnessed her transformation. As she recalls it was not a nice experience whatsoever.

Her character needed a slim trim girl. Lisa Whelchel was going through a rough patch in her life. Her parents were getting divorced and she was all alone in California for the shooting.

A teenager working and hitting puberty at the same time, in the absence of her parents.

She was sent to a far farm to reshape herself. 

She was looking for comfort food which led to excessive junk food consumption.

Lisa Whelchel thanked God for not letting her belong in the social media age. Otherwise, it could have ruined her life. Social media is a social court where everyone is judged. 

However, she is grateful for how things have changed drastically. People now have learned to respect all colors and shapes.