Despite Legislative Obstacles, Consensus 2023 Shows Businesses Have An Interest In Web 3.

Consensus 2023

Thousands of people attended Consensus 2023 to talk about the promise of blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrencies, notwithstanding the unfavorable perception of digital currency within the US. The adoption of Web3 technology is still a priority for American businesses as well as in international organizations, as shown by Consensus 2023.

Consensus drew individuals and businesses with high time habits, whereas Consensus drew individuals and organizations with low time desires. Organizations like Google, Mastercard, etc. discussed Web3 strategies at Consensus 2023.

With the introduction of Blockchain Node Engine, users as well as developers are able to use Ethereum nodes. To support Polygon ZK Ethereum server instances plus supernets, Google Cloud is providing infrastructure as well as development tools. The startup program from Google Cloud will assist businesses in utilizing current products to develop on Web3.

Although it has not yet been completely released, Mastercard is investigating the possible uses of blockchain technology as a way to store and transfer wealth. To hold and transfer value, businesses need to be simple and safe.

Consensus as well as other occasions made it possible for significant discussions to keep going outside the boundaries of the meeting, including at the “ZK360” event organized via Mina Protocol for learning regarding ZK-proofs as well as how they might be used in practical situations.

Consensus 2023 Lack International Participation

There was a sizable turnout for Consensus 2023, but there was no international participation. Unexpectedly for Consensus, parts of Asia are providing a friendly regulatory climate for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

In order to effectively comprehend global prospects, the consensus should include more foreign participants according to Yat Siu. He also added Consensus 2023 was a successful conference with lots of deal-making activity and good attendance. With executives from major corporations in attendance to negotiate deals, Consensus 2023 signaled a maturing Web3 technology sector.