BitMart Leads The Bull Market; BMX Price Spikes 317%


Recently both Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum prices, have been skyrocketing. They have been reaching new all-time highs regularly. This indicates that the cryptocurrency sector is certainly grasped by a bullish pattern. Similarly, BitMart is committed to offering the most popular and recent tokens to users.

This bull run by leading cryptocurrencies is attracting an increased number of users that are further making BTC, ETH, and other crypto hit a record high. 

BitMart Joins Crypto Highs

BitMart is one of the leading trading platforms for digital assets all over the world. They have also shown signs of growth by making new achievements. They are dedicated to giving the most pleasing services with high standards for asset security along with a determination to offer very user-friendly products. These commitments have led to BitMart being widely recognized and make rapid expansion.

BitMart has proudly announced its user asset security with no safety incidents from the very beginning in 2018. They are also extremely delighted to share the growth of the BMX token which is their native platform token. BMX recently successfully managed to hit the $0.297 all-time high last week. According to their 24-hour trading volume, the platform exceeded a $4 billion milestone.

They also witnessed an important upsurge in Twitter followers that crossed 100,000, suggesting a 50% increase during the last month itself. They have also welcomed numerous additional registered users that is over 750,000 within a span of a month.

This raging success of BitMart can be attributed to ecosystem development. Despite fierce competition, the network has stayed focused on core principles. They lay emphasis on security and privacy followed by constant upgrading. Ultimately, they also improve their customer service that is 24-hour available.