Blur NFT Financing Exceeds $16M In Loans, With Machi Big Brother at the Forefront

Blur NFT

The nonfungible token known as NFT business Blur provided 8,820 Ether, or approximately $16.37 million mortgages through the permanent NFT borrowing rule Blend 1 day after its inception, according to statistics obtained from member @beetle from Dune, Dashboard. Blend, a revolutionary protocol for promising NFTs for mortgages that were created in collaboration with the venture capital company Paradigm was unveiled by Blur on May 1.

With nearly 8,000 Ether ETH, the Azuki, and Milady NFT and  Wrapped CryptoPunks holdings collectively make up the bulk of the security. The largest Blur financier, Jeff Huang, has 58 loans totaling 1,180 ETH.

Machi Big Brother Wins For Blur NFT

Machi Big Brother, a well-known character in Taiwan’s industry for music, is a devoted fan of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT franchise. The leading beneficiary for the Blur NFT drop in February was Machi, who allegedly sold 1,010 NFTs in the biggest NFT dumping ever on 25th February over the course of 48 hours.

When writing, there were 846 active mortgages on the site, along with 8 refinancing occurrences regarding Blur NFT. As a continuous lending procedure, Blend extends the term of the mortgage at expiration if neither the lending party nor the borrower opposes. If interest rates change, loans may also be repaid or held through a Dutch auction. Blend, according to its inventors, solely collects interest and does not charge fees for borrowing or lending.

Following a digital currency bear market that made many collectibles illiquid, few of which did not have bids regardless, NFT offering protocols collapsed last year. Another rule, BendDAO, facilitated over fifteen thousand ETH in mortgages at that moment and had as low as $23,715 repaying lenders.