Is There Anything New For Stimulus Check Payments In April?

stimulus check

In the days of inflation, there are quite a few Americans who have been searching for stimulus check payments issued by the federal government. Now, while the federal government hasn’t yet passed any new bills, there are a few states that have been seeing the tail end of roll-outs of a variety of tax rebates and relief programs.

As was previously reported by GOBankingRates, the last stimulus payments offered by the official government which were related to the economic hardships under the pandemic were sent out in March 2021. However, there were a few states that did offer stimulus payments to be rolled along the new year. Later during the year, states like Alaska and New Jersey will be issuing a sum of $1,000 very soon. 

Developments In The Stimulus Check Payment

In the state of Alaska, residents would be able to take advantage of a shared tax revenue program that would come from oil extraction through a varied program called the Permanent Fund Dividend program. In 2023, every applicant approved would be receiving a nice stimulus check payment of $3,284.

As it stands, this amount is far larger than usual, simply due to an additional energy-benefit that required the residents to apply by 31st March, 2022. The energy-relief portion of this payout is deemed nontaxable. The residents who are eligible do need to be residents of the state, and shouldn’t be incarcerated over the entire year. 

In the state of Idaho, most of the residents received the rebates in March and September 2022. If they have filed their 2021 tax return, they would be receiving a stimulus check payment of $300 for single filers, and $600 for joint filers.