Britney Spears Claiming That Mother Lynne Hit Her Hard For Partying Till 4a.m. In The Morning

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Lynne Spears allegedly gave Britney Spears a “very harsh” slapping once for going out too long while she was watching the musician’s two youngsters.

Britney Spears said that it was a night when Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan dropped her at her beach house to her children at her beach house in a deleted Post of Instagram. She said her mother was seeing her two children and she partied until 4 in the morning. Thus, her mother was angry at her and she slapped her so hard that she is not forgetting it ever.

The singer said that this happened after Kevin her ex and with whom Britney Spears shared her children left her. After showing a video of JLo slamming Jane Fonda of “Monster-in-law,” the Grammy victor closed her statement in the deleted Instagram post by stating she will not know what that really feels like to smack a person in the face and advising her followers to “keep classy!”

The “Gimme More” star’s has blocked her mother’s phone number, so last week, mom Lynne Spears apologised to her first child and pleaded for her to unblock it so they can speak.

Britney Spears Recalled How She Got Slapped Once By Her Mother For Partying Late:

A sincere apology, according to Britney Spears at the moment, “would assist give [her] peace” in the family dispute.

Lynne in the comments of that deleted Instagram post of Brittney wrote how she is sorry for her pain and how she felt sorry for years for it.

The “Womanizer” artist, however, wasn’t prepared to accept Lynne’s apologies, replied the mother in harsh words before considering the years of misery she underwent at her family’s behest.

Britney started the post stating that for more than a decade she had to meet with doctors weekly to bring up the past that made it even worse for her.