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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Brittany Aldean Defends Beliefs Which Can Draw Hate Amidst Transphobia Backlash

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, is reiterating a position that has been labeled transphobic.

The two-parent family‘s blonde mother published a quote from Republican commentator Robby Starbuck on her Instagram Story on Monday, defending her “beliefs” that can incite “hatred.”

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Britney Aldean, in her quote, said that if you are silent about your belief system, as you are worried that someone might get offended, then your belief may not be that important to you. She derived that might mean you are more worried about what people may think about you but not what you believe.

She said when someone stands up for what is right and true, you might receive hate, but you will receive love too. But also, everyone will know about the things you have been fighting for. 

One week ago, Brittany posted a message on social media praising her parents “for not altering [her] gender when [she] went through [her] tomboy phase,” which sparked an internet feud.

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Brittany Aldean Defends Belief That Might Be Transphobic: 

She captioned a clip earlier reading that she loves her girly life. Her husband commented on the post, saying he is glad others did not because they might never have worked out. However, their colleagues have been amused by this. 

Cassadee Pope, 33, tweeted this Friday that they thought celebs owning the beauty brands might have been eager to include LGBTQ+ people in their messages. However, they realized they hadn’t progressed much from old times when someone compared their ‘tomboy phase’ to wanting to transition.

Some other celebrities have also joined Pope’s comments, like Maren Morris. Morris said it is easy not to be a bad human being directing her words toward Brittany Aldean. 

Brittany Aldean, however, hasn’t taken it lightly as she, in an IG Story that has since expired, responded to the criticism by accusing Pope of “advocating for the genital mutilation of minors.”

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