Brokerages Review NASDAQ:EBAY On “Hold”


eBay, the company is running a recommendation of “hold” from the 29 analysts that have been around the stock market, according to the reports given by Two other analysts have also given their recommendation about putting the NASDAQ:EBAYstocks as “sell”. 

Fourteen among the 29 analysts have also given a recommendation of “hold” while the rest have given a “buy” review to NASDAQ:EBAY. The target price of a year on average among the analysts that have updated their recommendations were satisfied with the number 60.46 US dollars. This is why many analysts weighed on the company’s stock.

Prices of stock of NASDAQ:EBAY has been going up

NASDAQ:EBAY upped their prices to around 65 US dollars to 58 US dollars. This is why most ratings were bombarded on the company reviewing it to be “overweight”. Bank of America, a stockholder in eBay’s company also had subsequently risen up their price by 2 dollars from the previous price of 62 US dollars. Stifel Nicolaus also raised their prices by 2 dollars from 68 US dollars to 70 US dollars. 

This allowed the company to get a “buy” rating from a “neutral” rating, as reported on Thursday. Barclays raised its price from 77 US dollars to 82 US dollars. This allowed the company NASDAQ:EBAY to get an “overweight” rating from the analysts. Seeing other companies, the USB group also had increased their prices in NASDAQ:EBAY by 3 dollars starting from 54 US dollars to 57 US dollars. 

NASDAQ:EBAY stocks sold away

With the rise in prices in stocks, the company of eBay was forced to sell out some of the shares the company held. This was mostly because of illegal activities as suggested by the SEC. SVP Wendy Elizabeth Jones, on Thursday, was able to sell 5435 shares of the company’s stock. The stocks were priced at 49.08 US dollars per share. The senior vice president of eBay now holds 58,454.28 US dollars worth of share which was found to be held illegally. 

CAO Brian J. Doerger also sold 4384 shares of the company’s stock on a questionable transaction dated on August 26th. The stocks were all sold at an average price of 58.46 US dollars. The total transaction amounted to 256,376 US dollars. The chief officer, after this transaction, owns about 18,226 shares which are currently valued at the amount of 1,065,856.48 US dollars. 143,918 shares of NASDAQ:EBAY was also sold out by the insiders. 

Due to such activity, many investors who were firstly interested in the NASDAQ:EBAY stock were now loosening their holdings in the company. The 52 weeks high of the company’s stock was at 61.06 Us dollars ESP while the low of the 52 weeks was 26.02 US dollars. The 200-day simple moving average, however, stands at 50.74 US dollars. The quick and the current debt-to-equity 1.75. NASDAQ:EBAY has been a phenomenal company trading in the business of connecting buyers and sellers in the world.