How Far Away Is The Stimulus Check 2?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The timeline for a Stimulus Check 2 depends on what transpires between Nov. 10 and Jan.20 in Washington. Seven months have passed after the approval of stimulus check 1. Republican and Democratic lawmakers will start negotiations on stimulus check 2 in the House on Nov. 16 and Senate on Monday.

With Biden getting inaugurated on Jan. 20, still, everything is uncertain about the timeline on passing a stimulus check 2.Though we don’t know about the specifications of Biden’s plan, we know that he prefers direct payments.

The amount of time people have to wait to receive their stimulus check 2 depends on the way their spending cash arrives at them.

Best Guess On Stimulus Check 2 Status

There is a lot of speculation regarding when you might get a check even if the bill transforms into a law post 3rd November election or before or post the inauguration day(Jan.20). That also includes the Congress Budget deadline on Dec. 11.

The speed of arrival of the first round of checks is another thing to ponder on. In August, Steve Mnuchin mentioned that it takes a week for the arrival of the first round of stimulus check 2, and payments around 50M can be transferred to the direct accounts quickly enough. 

But it is not a clear indication that your money will reach you within a week after the bill becomes live. 

Why Can’t All The Checks Be Transferred By The IRS At Once?

A de-facto priority manner is automatically created due to the three ways by which the IRS is sending money to the public. Starting with the public who mentioned direct deposit info who has no problem, there are also people with complicated situations who still have not received their checks or catch-up payments.

Stimulus check 2 status
Stimulus check 2 status

The Accountability Office of the Govt. has estimated 5M – 7M checks to be sent per 7 days, starting with the public whose AGI is lower than $20,000 to the public whose AGIs remain higher. The IRS is expected to follow the same routine they did while sending out stimulus check 1.

People who have and are still registering their direct deposit info. Will be the first ones to get the stimulus check 2.It is because of the efficiency of the electronic system of funds transfer.

Social Sec. Beneficiaries with direct deposit info. on file is supposed to get their checks within the first week.

The IRS will begin mailing checks to the people without deposit data one week later.

The EIP recipients may get their checks several weeks after the first transfers get out if the IRS follows the same priority order.EIP debit cards are Visa cards sent out by the IRS to around 4M people in mid-May.

However, there are public with complex situations consisting of people who got a check post-June, people waiting on their stimulus relief, or people who were unaware of another extra step. Direct payments are resuming throughout this year for people who didn’t belong to the above groups.

Millions Waiting On First Checks

The IRS is still tracking down hundreds of thousands of people like dependents or people to whom they owe money.

Please claim your check by 21st November. This includes those with child-support situations,non-filers(receiving SSDI or SSI), and people who are allotted $500 for dependents. Otherwise, you have to claim an error adjustment or catch-up payment.

Don’t lose hope because being a U.S. citizen you can also investigate due to a new California ruling for the public who were incarcerated or those who were forced to return their money.

If you are worried about the 1st payments round, you have the right of tracking the status of your relief check. You can also learn about reasons why the check is getting delayed or report to the IRS the no-show check. According to GAO, the IRS will resume sending payments through 10th December 2020.