If You Still Haven’t Claimed Your Stimulus Check, Claim It Before the IRS Deadline

stimulus checks

Unfortunately, there are millions of American citizens who might lose out on their stimulus check if the IRS doesn’t get hold of their information before their deadlines. This means that they might not be able to receive the $1200 that is allotted to them as a coronavirus aid package. The payments of close to 8.7 million are on the line simply because the Treasury Department or the IRS don’t have the necessary information to facilitate it. The Government Accountability Office has reported that several million citizens need to put in their details if they want their stimulus check. 

Lack of Information Can Derail Stimulus Checks

The original report stated that while the IRS and the Treasury Department did try to address these issues, it isn’t as easy as it seems. The departments have been going in over their head trying to update their information so as to maintain a directory of all the people who still haven’t received their payment. Goes without saying, such a huge scarcity of information will sure stall any efforts that the government will undertake for outreach. It could also displace millions of citizens from their rightfully deserved stimulus check. 

The trouble arose because not every citizen is afforded the right to automatic payment. People who don’t file their tax returns need to register their payment through the ‘non-filer’ approach of the IRS. And it isn’t surprising when we realize that this demographic sector usually encompasses low-income people, and the homeless- easily exploited, and devoid of most rights. The deadline for the IRS is the 15th of October, before which people would have to submit all their information. There are several exceptions to the rule- people who are receiving benefits from Social Security, as well as citizens who get disability benefits are automatically allotted the stimulus check. But if they want to get the additional $500-per-child benefit, they need to register using the ‘non-filer’ tool. For them, the deadline is the 30th of September.

The Deadline To Apply for A Stimulus Check

In the event that you miss out on the 30th September deadline, you will be allotted a credit when your tax returns are next filed. In case you are wondering, the money is going to come the usual way that checks are sent- either paper checks or direct deposit. You will receive your stimulus check- don’t worry about that. Also, if you have already registered yourself through the ‘non-filer’ tool and have accrued your stimulus check but not the dependent payment, the IRS will mail it to you soon. The process began on the 5th of August- and it would take some time. 

This may seem like a small amount, but it is pretty substantial for those who qualify for the one-time payment of $1200. With the pandemic ruining the national economy, any form of monetary help from the government is god-send. And the stimulus check has been a major form of a safety blanket for those who lie on the lowest rung of the American economy.