Here’s How You Can Claim Your Stimulus Check If You Are Still Waiting For Yours

stimulus check

The total amount of $1,200 as stimulus check has been given out to each eligible American by the Federal Reserve. However, reports suggest that around 8.7 million Americans are still to claim their stimulus package. The IRS is looking these eligible Americans’ details so that they can avail the coronavirus aid as well. 

The main reason why so many American citizens are yet to revive their stimulus package is because the Treasury department and the IRS does not have complete data on all its citizens. 

As per a watchdog source, the IRS and the Treasury department’s inadequate data on citizens is just another addition to the department’s stimulus check distribution problem. As the deadline to fill appropriate forms comes closer, the doom for millions of Americans grows as well. 

Non-Filers Need To Fill A Form To Avail Stimulus Check

Many of these people who haven’t received their stimulus money are the ones who do not file their tax returns, which means that the Feds do not have records of their details. These are usually people in the last income bracket. 

Anyone who hasn’t received their stimulus money needs to fill out a form using the IRS non-filer tool by the 15th of October. 

Non-filers who receive disability, survivor, and/or social security benefits did receive their stimulus checks. However, since the IRS does not have data on your family members, you might still be eligible for additional stimulus money for dependents. To resolve this issue, you can fill the non-filer form using the IRS tool as well. 

The deadline to fill additional information is the 30th of September. You should still fill the form even if you miss the deadline because then, you will receive the additional stimulus money as credit the next time you file tax returns. 

If you filled all your details before 17th May through IRS’s non-filer tool and received your stimulus package but not the additional dependent money, you should note that the IRS mailed these stimulus checks from the 5th of August. 

Who Are Eligible For Non-Filer Stimulus Money?

You can use the IRS non-filer tool if your income is less than $12,200. If you and your partner together make $24,400 or less, both of you are also eligible. Homeless individuals are also eligible for stimulus checks aid. 

It’s always a good idea to track the progress of your stimulus money after you fill the form. To do this, you need to use the Informed Deliver tool by the US Postal Department. 

One stimulus check could mean a lot for low-income Americans, so spread the word. Individuals with higher income received less amount of stimulus money. Individuals who earn $99,000 or more did not receive any stimulus package.