IRS Plans On Helping Non-Filer People Receive Stimulus Money

stimulus money

It has been noted that at least 9 million US citizens have not claimed their stimulus money yet. The IRS is trying to reach out to them through letters. 

Consumer Federation Executive Director, Jack Gillis, said that non-filers will receive another opportunity to receive their stimulus package. However, for that to happen, the IRS needs to identify these people. 

For the first round of stimulus checks, people who had filed their tax returns received their stimulus money on a priority basis. Then, the category including disabled, veterans, and seniors received their stimulus package. People who do not file (because they do not earn enough) their tax returns are also eligible under the first stimulus package bill. However, many did not claim their stimulus checks because the IRS does not have their details. 

IRS Will Send Letters To Non-Filers Who Have Not Claimed Their Stimulus Money Yet

As per the law, these non-filers come under the category of poorest American citizens. The radar to file taxes requires an individual to earn $12,200 or more. 

For the first round of stimulus checks, individuals received $1,200. Meanwhile, married couples received $2,400. Dependents, on the other hand, received $500. 

To avail the stimulus money, one has to go to the IRS website and fill the stimulus check form. There are several nonprofit agencies that are helping people through the process. H&R Block even released an online tool to assist people. 

As per statements, letters will be sent to non-filers by the IRS from the 24th of September. 

A senior director from Public Interest Research Group, Ed Mierzwinski, said that the time that the IRS has is very limited. He deals and is an expert on government consumer programs. As per the current rules, 15th October is the last day a non-filer can fill out the stimulus money form. The last date for non-filers with dependents to fill the form is 30th September. Dependents will receive a stimulus check of $500. 

Non-Filers Hit The Hardest Since The Onset Of COVID-19

Mierzwinski further said that the House Democrats should push to extend the deadline since many volunteers and assisting agencies had to dial back their services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many taxpayer clinics have even switched to virtual means due to the coronavirus. 

Chuck Marr told media sources that the stimulus money means the most to this last bracket of non-filers, and they are ones that haven’t been able to claim their stimulus package as of yet. He further added that this group of people usually enroll in State programs such as Medicaid and food stamps. However, they don’t receive benefits from the federal government. 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this category of people have suffered the most. 

As of now, the second round of stimulus money is still being discussed in Congress.