Second Stimulus Checks: Will It Be More Than $1,200?

stimulus checks

By now, we all know that certain groups of people have received $1,200 in the first round of stimulus checks. It’s only natural for people to wonder how much they will be receiving in the second round of stimulus packages. 

Reports suggest that the second round of stimulus checks will surely pass. However, the delay has been because of the non-agreement between the House Democrats and Republicans. There have been reports that Congress might resume talks on the same before the November presidential elections. 

As the Senate discusses the rules for the second round of stimulus checks, there have been several speculations as to what could change. If the definition of dependents changes, you might receive more than $1,200. 

How Can You Receive More Than $1,200 As Stimulus Money?

If you were qualified for the full stimulus money during the first round of stimulus packages, you should have received $1,200. The rules also made it possible for married couples to receive a total of $2,400. Depending on the number of dependents, an individual received more stimulus money. 

For the second round of stimulus checks, it has been reported that both the parties want to include more individuals in the dependent category. This means that your family might receive more than $1,200. 

Second Round Of Stimulus Checks: What’s The Maximum You Can Receive?

The negotiations have not been finalized yet. Depending on which party wins and how the negotiations go, here are some possible scenarios regarding the second round of stimulus checks. 


Under the Republican party’s CARES Act, anyone individual aged 17 and under is counted as dependents. There is no limit to how many dependents a family can have under this bill. For instance, if your family has six dependents and two adults, you could receive a total of $5,400 as stimulus money. 


This act is an extension of the CARES Act. Similar to the last round of stimulus checks, this bill does not put a limit on how much a family can receive either. However, this bill does put an age category for dependents. 


Democrats are pushing for this bill. It puts a limit of $6,000 per family that has more than five members. However, it plans to give out $1,200 to everyone (irrespective of dependent or adult) as stimulus money. 

How Will You Receive Your Stimulus Packages?

No plans to change the first system are in the air. So, the IRS system will be followed for the second round of stimulus checks as well. 

According to the last stimulus packages, eligible individuals received their stimulus checks through direct deposits, paper checks, and EIP cards. 

Hopefully, talks on the second round of stimulus checks will resume in the Senate soon.