Brooklinn Khoury Gets Excited To Use Lipstick

Brooklinn Khoury

Brooklinn Khoury is a model and pro skateboarder who had her last surgery of reconstruction the previous month. It has been more than a couple of years of losing her upper lip and a part of her nose in an accident that took place in an attack by a pit bull.

Brooklinn Khoury Is Almost Over With Her Lip Reconstruction 

The journey of lip reconstruction of Brooklinn Khoury is now coming to an end. After the accident which took place in the month of November 2020, Brooklinn Khoury has now shared clips of her lips getting tattooed. 

The 23-year-old Brooklinn Khoury finally celebrates getting a visible top lip lining after her last operation which took place a month ago. She asks her followers that now since she has attained Cupid’s bow, why should she not apply lipstick on it? In her video, Brookline Khoury goes on to try multiple shades of lipstick and begins with some blush hue.

In her video, she said that she would like to begin with a light nice color which she said by holding up the tube of lipstick. Brooklinn Khoury goes on to demonstrate the application saying that she would just line the same way it was there referencing a novel faint lip lining. 

Brooklinn further after the application says that it is not all that bad but looks a little weird on her since it has been more than a couple of years or even three that she has not applied any color. She then wishes to use a darker shade.

Getting some more daring, Brooklinn Khoury selects a lip color that is bold red and then lands up laughing at herself. The model and athlete joked that she just can’t do it at present but with some time she would regain practice. However, she is more than happy that finally at least she has a lip lining.