Revelation On Kelly Rizzo Selling The House After Bob Saget’s Death

Kelly Rizzo

After Bob Saget’s death, in just almost a year Kelly Rizzo sold their house last month for the amount of $5.4 million. The widow of Bob Saget, Kelly Rizzo opens up regarding her decision to trade the house they shared.

Bob Saget who was a comedian and an actor died suddenly because of head trauma when he was at the Ritz Carlton which is in Orlando and took place in the month of January 2022. He died at the age of 65.

After almost a year after his death, the estate in Los Angeles where Kelly Rizzo and he shared together was traded for an amount of $5.4 million. Kelly Rizzo says that she does not live in the estate now but the star from Full house has been and always will be a piece of her life.

Kelly Rizzo further says that the home situation is strange. There are multiple things belonging to Bob that are still present in the house and make her feel his presence somewhere in her life. In an episode on Wednesday, she said that if someone would go to her new house, they would witness pictures of Bob everywhere. It can be seen as a replica of a museum dedicated entirely to Bob. But still deep within she knows that he is everywhere. Kelly Rizzo also shares how she keeps on watching videos and pictures of him all the time.

The 43-Year-Old Kelly Rizzo Explains Her Decision To Selling The House

Rizzo says that she has very recently known something more about grief. She added that there is something different about the place which you share with your partner. I can get very triggering at times. No matter how many good memories you have in that place when the partner passes away, the place itself becomes a huge situation to manage.