CA Stimulus Checks: 2Mn More Coming Next Week

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A further 2Mn stimulus checks are going to be sent to Californian residents who are strapped for cash in the coming week, according to reports. The bonus cash injection is a component of the GSS 2 stimulus program. The program is projected to issue 67% of Californian residents with a stimulus check worth $600.

Check If You Are Getting The GS Stimulus Check 2

On 27th August, about 600,000 stimulus checks were directly deposited into bank accounts. This was the stimulus payments’ first round. It was estimated that about $354Mn was spent during this round.

The second round of stimulus checks will be reaching Americans residing in California within a couple of days as a further 2Mn are being sent. The statistic was confirmed by the Tax Board of the California Franchise.

An FTB spokesperson told news outlet KTLA that some of the stimulus payments may be delayed as well, depending on some special occasions.

Californians earning below $75,000 will be qualified to claim the stimulus check. However, there are other conditions that must be met. Taxpayers have to have a number for Social Security which is valid if they wish to claim this stimulus check. Furthermore, they should not have been paid during the first payment round.

There is another special stimulus payment worth $1000 for Californian taxpayers who have an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). Americans who use ITINs did not qualify for the stimulus payments issued by the federal government.

Taxpayers who qualify for the GS payments have been encouraged to file their tax returns for 2020 by 15th October. However, they have been also advised that to expect a 45-day waiting period for the payments to arrive, after the filing and processing of tax returns. An online tool for estimation has been launched by the state to help find out the amount they should be receiving.