Camilla Wears The Late Monarch’s Sapphire Jewelry And Tiara, Channeling Queen Elizabeth.


Camilla Parker Bowles is honoring her deceased mother-in-law by wearing her Belgian Sapphire Tiara. The Sapphire Tiara, which had formerly owned by Queen Elizabeth I, was worn by the bride of King Charles ll last Tuesday at Buckingham Palace, where she looked magnificent in royal blue.

The elegant headpiece was Camilla’s initial tiara appearance since her hubby took the throne following his mother’s passing on Sept 8 and Charles wore it for his initial official state trip as King.

The 75-year-old Queen Consort wore the sparkler with the royal blue lace Oldfield creation while she and Prince Charles greeted Ramaphosa to the UK.

She wore the royal blue Order of Garter sash, the Dame Cestus Cross of the Royal Victorian Institute star as well as sash, and also the corresponding necklace and bracelets to the headpiece.

The magnificent gems were given to Queen Elizabeth through her parents in 1947 and she wore them on trips to Singapore back in 1989 as well as the UK for China’s official visit in 2015.

Camilla, Queen Elizabeth I’s Daughter-in-law Wore Her Tiara Remembering Him:

The headpiece, necklace, as well as the earrings together referred to as the King George the sixth Victorian Suite were given to the princess back then by King George as the present to the wedding.

In the 1960s, the matching bracelets was introduced to the set. Kate Middleton chose one of favorite tiaras of Princess Diana, in contrast.

The newly crowned Queen of Wales, 40, dazzled in the Partner’s Knot tiara and Jenny Packham dress for the state supper of South Africa.

During the visit, the mother, who was accompanied by Prince William, chose to wear Queen Elizabeth’s pearl bracelets as well as Princess Diana’s Carribean pearl and diamond dropping earrings.

Like Camilla, she finished off her ensemble with the Royal Household Orders of Queen Elizabeth II and the blue Dame Cestus of the Royal Victorian Society ribbon.