Cardano Gives Push To ADA Price Amid Major Delay


Cardano has been trying very hard to become a strong contender for Ethereum. This might become a possibility once the forthcoming Alonzo update manages to meet the expectations of turning into a huge game-changer.

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of the Foundation along with Cardano. He is also the co-founder of ETH blockchain. He discussed the roadmap for Cardano for the coming 4 months through a video on his Youtube channel on 6th April.

Roadmap For Cardano

Hoskinson has mentioned that despite the Developers working on resolving scalability problems, he is completely focused on Alonzo update. Their next roadmap phase is called Basho, inspired by a haiku master from 17th century Japan.

In a short period of time, the firm has successfully managed to become one of the 10 leading cryptocurrencies across the work according to market capitalization. Presently, it is 7th in rank with more than a $41 billion market cap. This indicates almost 2% of this total crypto market. On 14th April, the coin reached its all-time high at $1.55.

Daedalus update was issued on 1st April that welcomed support for the native tokens as well as the Catalyst Fund3 Project. This kicked off the countdown for Cardano to become a complete decentralized blockchain. Their developers have also come up with ways to create and sell the collectibles of NFT without contract functionality.

ADA has witnessed approximately 10% gains within the past 14 days and their present trading price is just $0.6 away from hitting the crucial $2 mark. Nonetheless, the current growth rate makes it unlikely for ADA to exceed the $2 mark anytime soon.

Cardano has taken the limelight from ETH over the high gas fee issue and trying to emerge as the alternative.