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You’re A Blessing: Travis Barker’s PDA-Packed Tribute To Kourtney Kardashian

Travis Barker pulled out all stops as he celebrated Kourtney Kardashian’s 42nd birthday. The Blink 182 tribute was extra special with the first pictures of the famous couple to ever grace social media.

The slideshow had many moments of PDA and was captioned by Travis Barker that expressed his deep love for Kourtney. She also received a huge floral arrangement, with Travis including all her much-loved flowers.

‘I Fucking Love You…,’ Gushes Travis Barker

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Travis Barker always treats Kourtney with great care and attention. But her birthday was too special not to overindulge her. The extent to which he dotes on her was displayed in the pictures and the accompanying captions.

The celebration was a whole-family affair. Kourtney seems ecstatic in Travis Barker’s company. She gets constantly showered with his attention and compliments as he makes it a point to cater to her every whim. He has brought everlasting joy into her life.

Barker also said it with a special flower arrangement. Kourtney showed off the elaborate floral arrangement that left her overwhelmed. It included strings of flowers that hung in the air. They included gardenias and tulips, two of her preferred flowers. She mentioned it along with one of her photos. She gushed that the entire house smelled ‘yummy.’

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Sister Kim Kardashian was also effusive in her praise for the floral arrangement. She said it was the most dazzling arrangement that she had ever walked into. She was overwhelmed at the beauty and the perfume.

Travis Barker even shared a birthday pic from the past. Kourtney wrote ‘My first birthday wish,’ alongside what was captioned the dessert pic. Travis also shared the pic in his account.

Their relation was confirmed by a close source in January. It finally became official on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian had been seeing each other for quite some time before they finally began dating. He has become a part of their inner family circle. He was even a part of their family Easter get-together earlier in April.

Both share three children each from their first marriage. The children all get along and both Barker and Kourtney’s love has grown over time. They continue to be great parents to their kids.

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