Is A Fourth Stimulus Check Likely? Pressure On Biden Builds

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

An influential ground of lawmakers has made out a case for a fourth stimulus check. Even as we move into the fifth round of the third stimulus payments of $1,400 max, there is a rising demand for the President to go for a fourth stimulus payment.

Several Democratic Congressmen and various advocacy groups have appealed to the President to go in for a regular stimulus payment to the pandemic die out. One report has even referred to the stimulus payment as ‘critical relief’ and called for them to be continued indefinitely.

President Biden is more focused on the infrastructure plan which at $2 trillion entails an expenditure of around the same amount as the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus plan.

Clamour For A Fourth Stimulus Check

The supporters for the fourth stimulus payment have said the immediate priority is to guarantee food on the table and a roof over the head of all Americans.

Senators including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Ron Wyden, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, have argued that the third stimulus check will not be enough to tide over the crisis. Most beneficiaries, around 60%,  have also said that the stimulus payments of up to $1,400 will not last them more than a month. 

The senators have called for including recurring relief amounts in the Build Back Better infra program. The priority, they argued, should be to free families from the need to agonize over providing for essentials like food and bills. The country is still in the grips of the pandemic. Most people have spent the amount from the stimulus checks largely on essentials and looking expectantly towards a fourth stimulus check.

However, President Biden’s rescue package had faced stiff opposition from Republicans and highlights the hurdles a fourth payment could face. The Democrats had to push through the use of a budget tactic. It is expected that they will go for a similar move to push through the infra package. He realizes that even if a single Democratic senator opposes the infrastructure bill, it could fall through. The President has so far kept silent on the issue of the fourth stimulus check.