‘Icon’ Becomes A ‘Disappointment’: Cardi B Slams Madonna For Amplifying Her Impact On The Industry

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B took to social media over the weekend, calling out to Madonna. She ripped apart the ‘Material Girl‘ for a statement on Instagram where she spoke about her influence on the industry.

Cardi B lashed out at Madonna and branded the pop icon a disappointment following her earlier tweet highlighting the impact her sexuality had on the Music industry and on the young generation of female singers.

Cardi B made it apparent in her chat that she did not approve of her name being used by The Queen of Pop on Instagram. Madonna, now 64, had hinted on Instagram that her sexual openness and fluidity on stage had enabled other artists to have it easy and profit from the struggles that she first faced.

Madonna recounted that narrow-minded industry people initially interviewed her and attempted to shame her to change her mind and also humiliated her for standing up to certain industry stereotypes. She recounted being called a Witch, a whore, the devil, and a heretic.

Madonna Implied That Her Roles Paved The Way For Performers Like Cardi B To Be More Audacious

She said that her pioneering role had made it easy for performers like Cardi B to profit from the struggle that she faced back then. She said that Cardi B could now perform songs like the 2020 hit, WAP without fear of being singled out for unwelcome attention.

Madonna also picked out Kim Kardashian, saying that she could now pose naked in any magazine while Miley Cyrus can be a wrecking ball. She signed off with ‘You are welcome, b*t***s,’ and added an emoji of a clown at the end of it.

Cardi B retorted that she had always paid home to Madonna. What peeved her were not her words but the use of profanity and clown emojis. She said that these icons were a disappointment.

Madonna’s original post came soon after the 30th anniversary of her “Sex” book. Only Cardi B responded to the post as Kardashian and Cyrus chose to remain silent.