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Sunday, January 17, 2021


Coinbase Apologizes To UK and EU Customers, Dodges Their Global Issues

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Very recently they have released a public statement whereby they have apologized to the customers in the EU...

The Profitability Of Bitcoin Mining In 2021 Is Questionable

Bitcoin mining might bring some profits in case you have the access to inexpensive electricity or hardware. BTC prices have experienced a rapid surge immediately...

ETH May Run Out Of Reserves Within 48 Hours

Reporters say that Ether to soon run out of reserves by centralized exchanges. The report comes in after the demand for the cryptocurrency firm took a wide hike

Polkadot Exceeds XRP, Becomes 4th Biggest Crypto Comp.

The DOT coin by Polkadot has been making waves, rising more than $13.7 billion in capital. The company overruns XRP as the fourth largest in crypto in the world

Bitcoin Lashed Down By Regulators

Bitcoin faces backlash from regulators for its illegal activities found under the firm's association. The firm is under investigation. Its investors are warned.

Cryptocurrency Has Certainly Helped These Bitcoin Investors Accrue Immense Wealth

Several Bitcoin investors who invested before the tech boom occurred had no idea that they would be able to get so fortunate. John Ratcliff,...

IMVU VCOIN Gets A Second Life With The Launch Of In-Game Crypto

IMVU VCOIN finally can breathe safely as they have launched their in-game currency which would have a valuation in the real world. For the...

Bitcoin Drops Steadily, Affects Faith In Cryptocurrency

The digital coin creator, Bitcoin dips further, reaching its worst low since March 2020. The giant fell as low as 6.8%, amounting to a...

Tether, Safe Or Not?

A serious warning was issued by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom this Monday. It was directed to those who have invested...

Bitcoin Price Begins To See Bullish Trends After Huge Price Rally For Weeks

Bitcoin prices last week and the week before surprised everyone as it crossed all its records. The cryptocurrency saw a huge surge after traders...

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