Celo Network Back After 24 Hours of Outage


Celo faced a 24-hours outage for the first time in more than a couple of years.

The proof of stake-based blockchain was recently suffering from a 24 hours outage, even when the blockchain appears to be perfectly fine.

Celo, a blockchain enabling the users’ phone numbers for crypto payments using the number as a proxy, has recently faced a power outage. However, it was only the first in the company’s history since April 2020. The open-source blockchain updated its Twitter followers after coming back online.  

In an official statement, however, the protocol confirms even though the network faced a stall in activity, the funds are safe.

Celo Has Faced An Inconsistent Power Supply Due To Its Recent 24-hour Outage: 

On the Discord channel of the protocol, a user shared their view as they said that this outage could be a part of the pain in the share and crypto market. Amidst speculations amongst the users, Celo’s white paper claimed that it enables the best transaction processes as sending payments with the platform is easier than sending text messages.

Celo networks are also behind the three most stablecoins like Euros, Dollars, and Reals. However, Celo networks were not the only ones to suffer such outages in recent times. Six more networks have recently suffered with such similar problems in the last twelve months. However, the networks haven’t lost a lot in those outages, and trading hasn’t become a problem on those platforms during those times.

In other news, the Helium network has also recently suffered a power outage for four hours. However, the network confirmed that it was a mere software update to solve the problem of delayed transactions.  

Also, Solana networks have suffered another outage that caused a halt to their block production for more than four and a half hours.