Indian Blockchain Firm 5IRE Has Secured $100M AND On Its Way to Sustainability


An Indian development firm named 5ire has secured themselves a whopping $100m and found sustainability.

A sustainability-based blockchain project has secured $100m in its Series A round of funding to help them drive its developments.

The new-age Indian entrepreneurs Prateek Dwivedi and Pratik Gauri have landed the foundation of their fifth-gen blockchain called 5ire, which already seems to be a success. The blockchain network looks forward to incentivizing the sustainable development aims implemented by the UN.

The Indian Blockchain Firm Named 5ire Is Spreading Like Wild5ire: 

The project has drawn $121m so far as investments. They have gathered a whopping $21m from some renowned investors of tech. Marshland Capital. Moonrock Capital and Alphabit, to name a few. The Series A fundraising of the company was also a huge success helping them to collect $100m from UK-based conglomerates. However, the Indian entrepreneurs are not stopping till they spread 5ire in Asia, Europe, and Northern America. They are also looking forward to opening operational centers in India as well.

The blockchain is looking forward to promoting different practices that are linear with the UN’s SDGs. The network has been described as a sustainability-driven, first-layer, fifth-generation blockchain. As the protocol’s white paper on the blockchain explains, its nodes are divided according to the weight derived from metrics, including reliability, sustainability, randomized voting, and stakes.

The firm also shared that its investments will be used on an aggressive growth strategy to imply the sets of used cases and develop different services for their clients. They also shared with Cointelegraph that the company has already employed more than 100 staff and expects to grow rapidly in the coming years.

This was all about the newest, rapidly growing blockchain in the market. If morning shows the day, the new blockchain might do wonders if given time.