Ivana Trump, Fashion Designer, Business Women, And Former First Lady Of America, Is Dead At 73

Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump, the successful businesswoman, and former first lady, ex-wife of former president Donald Trump has died at 73 years of age.

The NYPD, with their interview with People, declared the news first. The officials said as they answered a call at 911 at the upper east home of the former president, they discovered Ivana Trump was lying unresponsive on the staircase on Thursday afternoon. The doctors pronounced her to be dead on the spot.

Mr. Donald Trump, the former American president, was also her ex-husband who shared the news on social media sites. The former president said Ivana Trump was an amazing, wonderful, beautiful person who had led an amazing, inspirational life, mourning her death.

Ivana Trump, dead in her apartment found on Thursday: 

Trump had three children with Ivana named Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka in their married life between 1977 to 1992. Ivana Trump remarried twice since her divorce from Donald Trump but hasn’t had any more children.

Donald Trump added that her children were her joy and her pride. He said how he and his children are proud of her.

Eric, one of Ivana Trump’s children, has used Instagram to post a tribute to the mother after his father’s post announcing her death. Eric remembered his mom as a stunning beauty, a successful person in the business world, and an amazing athlete. Ivana’s youngest child did not forget to mention how his mom fled communism and how she used to embrace the country. Eric said she taught her children grit, passion, and determination, values they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

An official cause of death is yet to be discovered by the medics. Ivana left her mother, three children, and ten grandchildren in the world to miss her.